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Lucky Break Competition Pool Tables

Premium Quality Pool Tables serving Thailand and the United Kingdom

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Why you should buy them

They look great! Hugely popular Metro design is the number one choice for bars, restaurants, and homes.


High quality fireproof and waterproof laminate, and high grade very accurate 25mm slate in 3 pieces. Well treated, our tables could last a lifetime.

They can withstand non-stop playing, and we only use the best cloth, the excellent Andy 588.

Our tables are strong, durable, look great and are reasonably priced.


8ft Table = £3,450

9th Table = £3,950

Please look at the images in our gallery below of actual tables distributed in Bangkok 

If you are interested in buying one of our pool tables, then please send an email to us at luckybreaklivedraw@gmail.com and we will reply within 24 hours. Additional delivery and installation fees will apply depending on your location.

You can buy a number of pool accessories through our website below, please see below for details:



9ft pool table cover - £10


Kamui 14mm cue tips - pack of 4 - £20


Jonny 8 ball SKY BLUE Pool Cue Case - £50


Cyclop Zeus Pool Balls (Tournament set) - £100

Lucky Break Competition Pool Tables are distributed by Lucky Break Competitions Ltd., a UK based company located at 11 Needham Close, Billericay, Essex CM11 1LQ. A sister company of Ideal Homes Real Estate Ltd. in Bangkok. We can deliver to anywhere in the UK. Bringing real american pool tables to the UK!

For inquiries or support, please email us at luckybreaklivedraw@gmail.com